• Hypoallergenic Elasticated Headband (which don't lengthen even after delayed use) with Ergonomic Adjustor 
  • Sweat spongy inward layer and water repellant external layer 
  • Super Soft Fabric for better solace over delayed utilization 
  • Incredibly adaptable installed nose cut taking the state of the nose 
  • Certified to NIOSH N95 
  • Non-woven Polypropylene delicate texture 

N95 expendable respirator with standard ear circles intended to channel air foreign substances, infections, bacterial miniature organic entities, residue, dust and smoke. The veil is light in weight, agreeable to wear, skin benevolent and delicate to feel and contact. Furthest layer of the cover is water repellent thus doesn't splash water effectively when presented to outer dampness.

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