The 3M Company is an American global aggregate organization working in the fields of industry, specialist wellbeing, US medical care, and customer merchandise. The organization produces more than 60,000 items under a few brands, including glues, abrasives, covers, aloof fire security, individual defensive gear, window films, paint assurance movies, dental and orthodontic items, electrical and electronic associating and protecting materials, clinical items, vehicle care items, electronic circuits, medical services programming and optical movies. It is situated in Maplewood, a suburb of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

  • BIS Approved 
  • Foldable dispensable P2 respirator offering solid, powerful 
  • Flexible nose cut guarantees an agreeable and secure fit, during delayed use so filtration insurance is consistently at an ideal 
  • Material consolidates low breathing, obstruction with successful filtration for predictable excellent execution 
  • Material joins low breathing, opposition with powerful filtration for predictable great execution 
  • Can help in insurance from exhaust cloud, caused because of smoke, dampness and contamination noticeable all around

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